Therapeutic Support

A caring environment

Therapeutic Support

We’ve adopted a therapeutic approach within our Keswick Care homes. This is extremely visible when you walk into the homes as they feel calm and sensory due to carefully selected decoration, soft furnishing and lighting – take a look at the gallery in the homes pages.

We are also very lucky to have the use of a therapeutic sensory room in each of the homes. These rooms provide a relaxing environment that places the young people at ease.

Our approach is further supported by Sarah, the company’s Psychotherapist. We encourage local authorities to invest in the weekly individual sessions that Sarah provides for the young people.

Addressing issues such as anger management, self-injury, self-esteem, suicidal tendency, relationships and bereavement the list is endless and our success rate in these areas is impressive.

The team are also fortunate to benefit from this service, attending consultation sessions with Sarah who will advise and support behaviour management in-between sessions. This long arm approach is beneficial for the team members when caring for young people with such complex needs.


Sarah – Person Centred Therapist