Our Story

Building a better tomorrow

Keswick Care

Keswick Care is a family owned business run by Gill and daughter Gemma.

Here’s the story of an organisation we’re proud to have created and grown – to benefit the lives of young people.


While working in a Residential Special School, after university, Gill was moved by the plight of a young man who had been placed in a Bed and Breakfast by the local authority in a very run down and notorious part of a South Yorkshire town – he had begged not to be left there. The seed for Keswick Care was planted then. Gill was determined that no young person should have to go through such an experience, or fend for themselves in such surroundings.


Gill began working with Care Manager Alan Fisher at a Local Authority Residential Special School.  Both professionals held the same views about the lack of good facilities for young people, and the same desire to offer the very best for them.


Gill’s daughter Gemma, came to work with Gill and Alan, having worked as a nanny in different parts of the world – and grown up around young people with challenging behaviours, thanks to her mum’s work.


Gill, Alan and Gemma, took the leap of faith of buying a house, and going through the long, difficult process of registering with OFSTED.


In April our doors opened to two young people who came to us when they were 15, and stayed until they were 18. It is our belief they received the best possible care that anyone could provide.


We opened our second home, Hardwick Close. When one of our young people became pregnant, she didn’t want to leave the safety of Keswick Care, so we opened up a new home for her. This was very successful, and the young Mum left us when she was ready to go (when her son was around 12 months old).  She still keeps in touch, and now has another young son, and all are doing well.


Alan Fisher retired from being a Director of Keswick Care. Gill retired from being a Registered Manager the following year. Gill remains as a Director, and is still very much aware of the day to day running of the homes.


Our newest addition to our homes opens. Hylton House is a beautiful, large house which can accommodate four young people and has an excellent class room facility called ‘The Future Room’.


Gemma, is now the driving force behind Keswick Care. She visits the homes on a daily basis, and attends meetings, reviews, interviews and knows everything that is happening within the Homes. She is in constant contact with the Management Team, both in person and daily telephone calls, working tirelessly with the team to ensure we are the best that we can be.